Granville Milling Company began its first day of business on May 4, 1953. The three stockholders were Richard Litzinger of Dublin, Ohio the owner of Dublin Welding Company; Donald Huddleston of Delaware, Ohio, an Ohio feed salesman for Ubico Feed Company in Cincinnati; and Harold Attebery, of Delaware , an Ohio manufacturing rep for several equipment manufactures of mill and elevator equipment.
The first fiscal year, sales (7 months) were $18,724 and they only lost $3,191.30.
In 1955 Mr. Huddleston wanted out so he and Mr. Attebery came to an agreement on the price of stock…so then there was only two!
In 1958 Mr. Attebery moved from Delaware to Granville in an attempt to get better cooperation with the bank to obtain a little better working arrangement for borrowing money. In 1959 Mr. Litzinger wanted out to make another investment so Mr. Attebery also purchased his stock.
In 1959 Adrian Smith was made manager. They received a line of credit from Ralston Purina for inventory and were able to get their sales up to $162,856.92 and operated in the black for the first time.
In 1959 and 1960 they put in a 400-bushel grain dryer and two 9,000-bushel grain bins.
Another item that added to the success of the company was a bonus program that was started in 1960 for all employees, part of which included owning stock in the company. One share of stock prior to 1970 was worth 27 shares as of 2002.
In 1962 they worked with Kenny and Mabel White to get a “big”, 4,000 hen, chicken house erected and the Granville Milling Company contracted with the Whites to put in the birds and guarantee them payment for the eggs. This enabled them to borrow money from the bank to build the layer house. All of these things along with three to four other chicken houses increased the volume of business, and by 1969 they were grossing $520,000.
There have been many changes over the past 57 years. We now have 5 drive-thru and retail locations, as well as the mill.
August 14, 1978 was a notable day, a kid right out of high school was hired and we haven’t been able to get rid of him since. That “kid” is Phil Watts, who is currently the President of Granville Milling Company. Harold Attebery is currently the Chairman of the Board of Granville Milling Company.
Adrian Smith, the president of Granville Milling prior to Phil, although retired, won’t stay at home and spends a few days a week at our oldest drive-thru in Newark. This may have a little to do with its continued success!

In addition to the store in Newark; we have locations in Pataskala, Lancaster, Cambridge, and now a partnership with Champion Feed and Pet Supply in Delaware.
The philosophy of the operation over the years has been to treat the customers with honesty and provide the products and services necessary for them; at a price that we and the customer can live with. Apparently it’s working; we are still in business along with two other mills in the county, and there have been 17 others that have shut down.

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