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Treatment for killing floating, submerged and planktonic algae in ponds/lakes

Late Spring application.

Algae forming on the bottom of pond & water temp above 60 degrees.

30 day residual suspension using Stabitrol technology to aid in control of Algae.

1 Gallon + 9 gallons of water/acre will contact kill algae* (See label chart for specific algae type)

DO NOT treat more than 1/4 – 1/3 of the surface area of pond at one time to avoid Oxygen depletion due to vegetation death. Wait 7 – 10 days between treatments.

Re-treatment during season will be needed. Treat when algae is in early stages.

100% safe water use immediately.

Do not use in Koi or Trout ponds – Toxicity is directly related to water softness.

*Add Pond2O Surf to enhance kill on older algal mats


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