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Ridley Block Operations 18 lbs All Purpose Goat 14 Percent Protein Block (18 lbs)

Ridley Block Operations

All-in-one feed supplement for all sizes, ages and breeds of goats
Round-the-clock availability
Self-fed so no measuring or worries about over- or under-feeding
Delivers 100% of daily requirements of salt, trace minerals and vitamins
Convenient, flat-backed pail can be hung anywhere
Pails keep supplement clean of dirt and manure
Weather-resistant - don't need to keep under a shelter

Feeding Instructions
CAUTION: Follow feeding directions. Contains added copper. DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP. Daily consumption of selenium should not exceed 0.7 mg per head.

Feeding Recommendations:
Remove plastic liner and top label prior to placing with animals.
Feed SWEETLIX ALL PURPOSE GOAT PAILS continuously along with plentiful sources of good quality hay and forages as well as clean, fresh water.
Remove all other free choice sources of salt or minerals.
Provide at least one bucket per 5-10 goats for access purposes. Also, maintain at least 10 ft. between buckets.
Locate buckets where goats congregate (loafing, feeding, watering, etc. areas).
Take care to keep SWEETLIX ALL PURPOSE GOAT PAILS free of dirt and manure to maintain proper consumption.
Goats should consume an average of 0.25-0.50 pound per head daily. However consumption may vary depending on the nutritional status of the goats, quality and quantity of forages available, seasonal weather conditions and the quality and amounts of other feedstuffs offered.
Do not allow goats to run out of product. Replace promptly when emptied.
Store SWEETLIX ALL PURPOSE GOAT PAILS in a cool, dry location prior to use.

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