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Sterling Technology Nursemate Asap for Goat Double Colostrum Supplement 30ml (30 ml)

Sterling Technology

Nursemate ASAP
Nursemate is more convenient. easy to use. has effective dosage, and is cost effective. Make Nursemate ASAP the first choice for farmers who want to give their newborn goats a head start.

Nursemate ASAP is Effective
Nursemate is made from concentrated colos-trum to assure early intake of Mother's colos-trum and establish good health for the newborn. Nursemate is an effective appetite stimulator containing special proteins, vitamins and lactic acid-producing bacteria to help get newborn goats up and nursing as soon as possible.

Nursemate ASAP is Convenient and Easy to Use
Nursemate comes in an easy to use 30m1 tube. No pails, no mixing and no feeding tubes. Just administer half of tube as soon after birth as possible by slowly placing on the back of tongue.

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